Microblading Eyebrows Aftercare – Follow This Simple Steps!

Microblading the eyebrows too has gained quite a large number of fan following in recent years. There are several cosmetic products which promise to serve you with thick and flourishing eyebrows but our lives are so busy and who can hardly spend 20 more minutes every day to make our eyebrows look darker and fuller.

Microblading Eyebrows Aftercare

Microblading is a modern technique which gives you an appearance of darker and thicker eyebrows. It is basically a semi-permanent tattoo done on the eyebrow area which means it is a delusional drawing which makes us think it is a real eyebrow with thicker hair.

Microblading Eyebrows Aftercare

The Process

  1. Your beauty expert will consult with you or rather discuss with you about the shape and the color as it is important for the ink to be the exact color of your real eyebrow or hair plus, it is needed for a better overall result with the face tone and structure.
  2. Your eyebrow area will be injected with anesthesia and will be cleaned with medicines.
  3. In case you are wondering, this art would not be drawn by a tattoo machine and nor will a tattoo artist be involved. The doctor will use a small tool to draw eyebrow strokes
  4. Once it is done, some more medicinal creams will be applied.

The whole drawing process along with injecting anesthesia will take 30 to 45 minutes or more depending on your eyebrow hair growth type. Interestingly, the results of Microblading can last up to 12-18 months which apparently is really a happy and big deal.

Instructions for aftercare

Since Microblading involves micro cuts and implanting of pigments, there are few rules which you must follow for safe and healthy after treatment. Aftercare, if we say is the important part of this whole process. There will be no tension of maintaining it if you let yourself give your complete attention to the fragile skin. Without proper aftercare, no matter how beautifully your beauty expert had designed your brows, they will not end up looking as perfect as you wanted it to be. Make sure you follow these simple and easy steps so that you face no complications with your brows later.

  • No touching

Do not touch them within the 24 hours of the procedure. Try not to itch the skin near the eyebrows or the eyebrows itself.

Instructions for aftercare

  • Dry skin, better skin.

You must avoid getting your face wet for at least 10-12 days which means no face wash and shower for some days. In case you want to touch it, use baby wipes. Keep your face as dry as possible. In case you want to wash your face, you can dip a cloth in water and gently pat on your face.

  • No make-up, ladies.

We know it is very hard to avoid makeup but for the sake of perfect eyebrows, you need to avoid makeup for a week or as you would not like chemicals causing irritation to your unsettled pigments.

  • A fresh face is important.

Make sure you properly apply the ointment prescribed by your doctor. Try not to get sweaty unless the area is healed properly. Avoid working out or going to the gym as it might make you sweaty. Do not apply wax, face peel off or certain similar things for at least a week or two. Most importantly, try not to get in contact with direct sunlight.

  • Proper sleep

Try to sleep on your back so that the eyebrows do not come in contact with the pillow. You can also use band-aid on the sides in case you sleep on your side.

Microblading Eyebrows Aftercare

  • Keep your hair away!

Make sure your hair does not come in contact, especially your bangs with your eyebrow within the first 24 hours after the procedure.

  • Stay healthy

Try not to consume tobacco or alcohol within 24 hours. You can avoid caffeine too in case you want better results.

  • Do not use extra products

By extra products, we obviously mean makeup but also petroleum jellies on your eyebrows. It is better to keep it untouched till the day your beauty expert declares it is finally healed. Do not also apply powders or lightening creams such as bleach for a while. DO NOT apply dye or tint; it can result in a very bad situation for your skin.

The after procedure results might vary but it is important you always get your queries cleared by a professional before you do anything on your own.

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